This blog contains thoughts and ideas for a User Interface guide for #nemomobile. This work, after discussion with the nemo developers and the necessary modifications, will evolve into the official UI guidelines for core nemo development as well as for nemo applications.

Come and follow us on how we are developing the new design language of Nemo by taking the best features from the big guys of the mobile space, but also by inventing new and exciting new interaction. Another goal is to give application developers ideas and guidelines so that nemo applications have a consistency between each other as well as between them and the stock applications.

The posts are tagged proposal, draft and final. The proposals are just that. Things that come off our minds, and they might be plain stupid. Drafts are ideas that are generally acceptable and work can be started based on them, but more discussion around them may bring changes. Finals are guidelines or mockups that should be implemented as specified.

If you are wondering what Glacier is, and what’s its relation with Nemo, Sailfish and Mer, read this

Specs can be found at and

UX Guidelines can be found here

7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Please look at Palm Pre interface. This phone have very comfortable gesture area, but not have pull down notifications and widgets.

    • Hm, i admit I have no experience with palm, as it was never released in my country. In fact I’ve never seen one. I’ll try to check it out. Thanks

        • Thanks! If you really don’t need it I’m always eager to try something new. :)

          You can find me at gmail dot com with the same username as always.

    • We certainly welcome new ideas. We are trying to not deviate too much from work already done so that we won’t delay indefinitely, but feel free to suggest anything.

  2. Keyboard, Music Player, Small menu stuff, small icon improvements (not replacements!), and fonts. That’s about it. :) I hope that in a couple of days I’ll be done. This is simply a project I’m willing to support. A lot.

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