Two possible notification implementations for nemo

The first one is pretty much a direct rip-off from android. Icons appear on the status menu opens and reveals an entry for each type of notification, with some info and a friendly time designation. Probably the most important info about a missed notification, is how old it is, not the exact time it happened. Only maemo has implemented this and it is a feature worth copying. Swiping away dismisses a notification, and there is a button to dismiss all. (It would be nice if more than one notification could be dismissed at once using more fingers, or just greater touch area)

As I was sketching the status menu, I didn’t leave out other important status menu features, but this doesn’t mean that the sketch is complete.

This works perfect with the naming of the cloud tab as proposed by Timur, as that will show only things happening in the cloud and not personal notifications or events.

However, I inherently don’t like copying features as-is especially from the dominant platform, even if it’s a very good implementation. It’s a good tactic for someone trying to be “Calife a la place du Calife” but I like innovation better (and I believe it pays out in the long term) so I tried to find another solution, which I find prettier and more engaging.

This approach uses harmattan’s idea to put the notifications where they belong. In the events screen. Applications are generally able to resize themselves vertically from the bottom as they adapt for the on-screen keyboard, so the idea is to resize the application a little bit and reveal the home-screen navigation bar beneath it. The cloud icon will be replaced by a glowing icon that represents the latest notification.


  • The cloud icon is replaced by slowly alternating icons (crossfading transition) of the different notifications that are active.
  • The notification icon(s) incorporate a number of the relevant notification.

Swiping the visible part of the bar upward will show the events screen, while swiping down will dismiss the notification. The events screen icon should continue glowing (and have the relevant shape) until the user navigates to the events screen once. Swiping is not a super-intuitive gesture, so if the user taps on it, an animation like that on the harmattan or WP7 lock screen will inform him that he has to swipe. Note that the os-wide use of swipe in nemo combined with a shadow that shows the app clearly overlaying the nav-bar is probably enough anyway.


  • The events screen icon should continue glowing (and have the relevant shape) until the user dismisses the notifications.

This approach lacks more info about the notification, as it loses most of the available space to show the non-functional icons of the home navigation bar, but it informs the user with a glance that the notifications reside in the events screen, and even if he dismisses the visual hint he will be able to find them again easily when he finishes the task at hand.

The notifications on the events screen should be in their own section near the top and incorporate the same information as in the status menu approach, with the difference that the infinite scrolling area of the events screen has enough space to show one entry per message/call/etc. instead of consolidating by type.

One thought on “Two possible notification implementations for nemo

  1. - The “cloud” idea is just that, an idea. If it reduces consistency and usability, we could use another name for that tab. Or we could still call it “cloud” and have the notifications there too, since those also come from the cloud, sort of.

    – Swiping from bottom to up to reveal the bottom bar with notifications is a nice idea, it would be worth to explore it in more detail.