homescreen folders


The folder should slide down when it’s icon is tapped, pushing everything below, just like the sailfish context menu does. We might consider flying the icons from the folder icon to their positions when the folder opens, but I don’t really know if this is too much animation.

The folder icon consists of the first four folder icons, at 90% of their normal size, overlayed and semi-transparent (0.6 opacity). Their follow the pattern below


If icon 1 is at coordinates 0,0 icon 2 has coordinates 6u,-6u icon 3 has -6u,6u and icon 4 6u,6u

5 thoughts on “homescreen folders

    • It won’t, but on the other hand it will produce a recognizable icon which the iOS 4 icon grid doesn’t as the icons are too small to make a glanceable difference.

  1. Yes the icons in ios 4 folders are pretty small, but I still know what’s what. Am not a developer or programmer. But I sincerely want to know which device nemo would run on. Cause I cannot get a jolla device and am still holding my nokia N9 in anticipation of it running nemo.

    • This unfortunately isn’t something I can answer. I’m no kernel developer and as far as I know there are some kernel issues with the N9.

      • but iirc, the project to update the n9 kernel took some quite big steps in the last weeks