time and date pickers

Following this post I completed the specs for the time and date picker. Here’s a sneak peek: tmp_datepicker


please comment if I missed something

3 thoughts on “time and date pickers

  1. Qwazix,

    Do you have a mockup of the time picker where the hour is close to noon or midnight (eg 11 am or 2300)? My concern is that there is not enough contrast between the light blue and the white text for when the hour selection gets closer to 10.

    • I have to modify the mockup to see that usecase. It’s a valid concern, but there are ways to fix it (fade the color out a bit where the numbers are, or just invert the color of the numbers when they are over the bar). Thanks for pointing out.

  2. We also need a cancel button on the time dialog, in case one don’t want to change anything.

    Also, what about a “small version” ? One that don’t eat up the whole screen ? Both would be great I believe.

    Good concept :)