the homescreen

This is the first draft of the homescreen. Next up is a visual guide of how everything stacks up.

We are keeping the basic layout of Harmattan with three homescreens. The events screen stays almost the same with the difference that the user can act upon the entries there (reply to a tweet etc). The app grid has the added functionality of widgets. Widgets can be tied to a specific app, or be an app by itself (i.e. an app that doesn’t have a full screen UI at all). Widgets are configurable, and can be configured by pressing the pencil button in edit mode. Pulling down beyond the first row should reveal a search box, just like on Harmattan mail application.

The multitasking view gains the possibility to pin applications to specific positions, just like the new tab page of firefox. Pinned apps should autostart at boot.

The notifications section is grouped by person instead of by app. I think this is a more natural approach, but I’d like your feedback on that.


Edit mode can be activated by long tapping on any icon. There you can change positions of apps and widgets, or throw them away by dropping them over the top area of the screen. Flicking them to that direction should also work (see android desktop for that effect).


6 thoughts on “the homescreen

  1. I don’t like the tiny Icons (pencil, x and pin). Imho it would be better, when this exact icons had the size of the app-icons on the homescreen.When I am in edit mode, I actually want to edit and don’t have to see the whole content. I didn’t like it in Harmattan either. Gesture-based os mixed up with way too small icons? Just why?
    Sailfish recently fixed the same ‘issue’ with the ‘x’ on multitasking screen.
    However, the drag to top thing to remove/uninstall is great!

    • You have a point there, we can either increase the size of the icons (not up to app icons, but substantially) or invent a gesture to throw away (like android/WP). I will try an updated version with bigger icons first.

      • I would also not like a gesture, because what I often do on my N9 is just scrolling left or right to exit edit mode and enter another one of the 3 homescreens. Scrolling up/down is needed to navigate within one homescreen. I see more complex gestures as being counterproductive here.

        I meant something like this the last time:
        Sorry, I know it is damn ugly, but just to get the idea…

        • Yeah, those bigger icons could fit nicely with Qwazix’s concept. I agree that more gestures would be overkill.

  2. “The notifications section is grouped by person instead of by app.”
    >>> I agree on this decision. Could be also more consistent with the Mail app concept we threw up.

    There should be a way to remove notifications one by one, by long tap or sth… I don’t like having to delete all notifications when I’d like to keep some right there.

    Also, let’s keep this idea we discussed of having widgets displaying in place of app’s preview in multi tasking view. If devs want to implement live widgets (maybe not interactive?), it could add on productivity and ease of use.

    i.e: no need to enter the app to see important informations, like weather of a favourite place for a weather app…