Notifications on Glacier UI

Notifications for GlacierPositioning for emphasis.

To clarify the earlier post on notifications on Glacier, here’s a nice, short illustrated version. And a sneak peek at the Gallery app.

For notifications that need user attention (but don’t take the user completely away from the current context), the entire viewport lifts up, uncovering the notification. The user can then dismiss or act on that notification.

For other notifications that aren’t as urgent, the viewport simply shrinks, the notification appears, and disappears after some time.

Quite sleepy as I write this, so maybe I’ll finish it up more tomorrow, when I have time.

8 thoughts on “Notifications on Glacier UI

  1. Just a first gut response: the two kinds of notifications are not different enough to prompt the user to make the respective action. Maybe we should choose one of two types for all kinds of notifications.

    I think I like the shrinking one better. No notification is important enough to interrupt the current task until it is dismissed.

  2. maybe it would be nice if there wasn’t an x button, instead we could just swipe down, to Getty rid of the notification
    if it is possible, of course

      • hum, I would agree with serj. I would say: right and left to follow the notification and wipe for the top to close it

  3. Hi there guys,
    to what conclusion did you get?

    Just reading this blog and I like it very much.
    In case you are still working on this, I also have an idea.
    First, I agree with qwazix – there should not be 2 options so similar. I also think the first option is not necessary.

    What would be great, imho (don’t know if it fits in your concept):
    You remember harmattan’s quick launch bar? you could open it by flicking your finger upwards – just over the bottom edge. That would mean accepting the notification – answering a call or go to messages e.g.
    A slow move upwards with your finger (like half way up the screen) would push the active app to the top (like in your concept here the first option) and enlarge the ‘popup’, providing more details like the complete message text (if it fits). Moving the finger back to the bottom edge would then close the ‘popup’, moving up the same thing as the fast flick.
    To dismiss a notification in the first place, the whole part of the active app can be grabbed and pushed down, which also closes the ‘popup’

    • The point of the active app shrinking is to stay interactive so that the user can continue to work while the notification is visible, so gestures on that area are not possible. The notification might have multiple actions in it (reply, call etc) with regular glacier controls. Dismissing the notification can be a lateral swipe on it. I have to make a more complete spec on notifications.
      Now the idea of seeing more information is not a bad one, but requires extensive thought. How useful is that going to be vs just opening the relevant application to see the whole sms/email/appointment. Is there a point of still having a portion of the running app on screen? Maybe it can be combined with multiwindow function for larger devices.

      • Yeah, now I’ve read more about the concept now and understood that my first comment did not fit at all, sorry ;)