Proposed iconset for breeze

This is my proposed iconset for breeze.

breeze iconset

The icons are all based on a circle for reasons outlined in the previous post. The circle has a very low contrast radial gradient with the center of the circle being slightly lighter than the rim.

Colors are still pale and playful and should match the tint colors of the apps (I know this isn’t the case yet with the mockup I did a few posts back, but this is going to be fixed)

5 thoughts on “Proposed iconset for breeze

  1. They are just awesome !
    Small comments: a dialer is more related to a phone than to an old fashioned dialer. And green would be better.

    SMS instead of #$% would be better (or words). #$% looks like sensored insults !

    Bigger wheel inside the settings icon, I find it slightly small.

    Otherwise, I find it really awesome. Simple, yet efficient.

    • #$% yeah! That was the point, a bit of humor doesn’t harm anybody. Also it isn’t only sms, but IM too.

      Dialer is something that nobody used yet, everybody uses a green phone, let’s be different.

      Ok about the gear.