A glimpse into the new design language

Here’s a scratchpad of some screens of the new design language I’m thinking about for nemo. Nothing is final here, the accompanying texts have double purpose: as guidelines but also as notes for me to remember what I was thinking while sketching this down.

These screens do not cover every control and every pattern but are a good indication of where I want to go.

The general ideas behind the theme are

  • Flat surfaces
  • Circular buttons with icons
  • Wavy, low contrast gradients
  • Pale colors
  • Clickable texts and list items without bevels
  • Simple icons, without sharp edges as much as possible
  • Use of different font weights, sizes and opacities to signify different in importance of various texts
  • Text inputs signified by bottom border only
  • Slight use of color to signify especially important operations like delete
  • Different color tint per application
  • Use of gestures but not too much of them
  • Saving clicks where possible by smart default actions

but most of all, I wanted to make every screen look like well designed printed material. The fact that the dpi of current devices surpass the dpi of standard commercial priters, allows us to take advantage of high quality type, that is easy to read and looks good, and do away with all the tricks we used to do on screens to hide the extremely low definition. The fact that users are familiar with basic touchscreen interactions allows us to not worry about affordances like buttons that look pressable and other effects that increase visual clutter.

Keeping the sea-themed naming scheme, the name of the new theme is breeze.


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