Theme Plastic Introduction

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Current default Nemo theme is rather visually inconsistent so I started working on a new one.

Main idea of this theme alternative is easy recognition. Unified icons’ outer shape enables smooth visual flow without informational noise. Additionally, big square icon’s area filled mostly with single colour, helps colour based recognition, which is faster than e.g. shape based recognition. Shape needs more complex attention process. Plus, during motion blur that occurs during tracking elements on the screen, we loose their shape (due to loss of high spacial frequencies) and are more likely to use colour as main recognition clue. Navigation bar is integrated with wallpaper, so it’s less obtrusive. Wallpaper is used also as a lock screen.

There is currently wallpaper, navigation bar and set of icons in this theme, so still a lot to do… The idea was to create a theme accordingly to UI guidelines, which are about to be published soon.